Magician Vs. Warrior

Which class should you choose to play Maplestory Adventures?

Here is a short breakdown of the two classes:

Warrior- The Warrior uses up close attacks, also known as Melee attacks. The Warrior blocks more enemy attacks, but also gets hit more.

Magician- The Magician uses distanced attacks, also known as Missile attacks or Spells. The Magician does not get hit as much if you attack enemies from a distance, however if the Magician is close to an enemy, he or she will not block many enemy attacks.

Conclusion: Both classes are balanced and so there is not any one class that is better or powerful than the other. If you like ranged spell classes choose the Magician, if you like close range attacks choose the Warrior.

Good Luck!

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Anonymous said...

I play magician but from my experience, warrior is quite better than magician. The reason is the attack damage getting from every warrior's equipment is higher.

You may think warrior has disadvantage since he receives more hit from monsters but that's not true. If we can kill each monster within 2 hits, it will not counter at all (There's also a cheat that can 100% block).

Comparing the skills, both classes have exactly the same % damage of the skill in the same level. Normally, the multiple target skills of both classes are better than one target skill in leveling with normal monsters if we use it properly. But when you use multiple target skill to many monsters at the same time, magician has a huge disadvantage because those monsters will run and hit him with almost no miss.
This type of skill is more suitable to warrior in leveling because he has shield and higher chance to block damage from those monsters.
(Even if magician use cheat to 100% block damage, warrior still have much higher damage from equipments when using these type of skills.